We understand that people have differing access to opportunities and resources. We also know that solutions and remedies meet people where they are. We commit to confronting and addressing regional disparities to achieve greater parity in our library system by improving resources, increasing opportunities, and expanding access in our county’s underserved areas.

Equity Statement

The Foundation strives to cultivate positive change and equity of opportunity for all Contra Costa County residents. As a result of historic and ongoing systemic inequities, patterns of residential segregation, and extreme income inequality, significant opportunity and resource gaps persist across our 26 branches. The Foundation will meet these realities head on by: (1) prioritizing investments that address funding disparities and assist impacted branches, (2) meeting each community where they are, and (3) helping bring more parity to the system as a whole. Through enacting these priorities, we aspire to create a world where individuals and communities can realize their potential and thrive. Together.


story time with library foundation of contra costaKnowledge and literacy are the cornerstones of public libraries. We believe that an environment for learning and a sense of place create opportunities and empower individuals. We provide funds that build the strength and resiliency of our public libraries.


We believe that all Contra Costa County residents have value, dignity, and the capacity to guide our work. We strive to enhance belonging by ensuring that the interests, needs, and voices of our diverse community inform our goals and vision.


We work to advance the vision of an informed, enriched, engaged, equitable, and vibrant community.