What We Do

As sparkpoints of community cohesion and engagement, public libraries promote belonging and equity. They ignite imagination, innovation, and inspiration by bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds, inviting conversation, inspiring connection, enhancing skills, and nurturing social bonds.

Girl in CostumeYet, Contra Costa’s libraries are not resourced adequately or equitably. Like our parks and public schools, our libraries reflect the entrenched inequities and historical divestments that have shaped our contemporary civic landscape.

The Library Foundation of Contra Costa is a direct response to our County Library’s overall need for more robust funding and to the resource and opportunity gaps amongst its 26 branches. To address these disparities, the Library Foundation of Contra Costa will raise funds to expand and support new Library services, programs, and facilities, and provide additional opportunities and access to those with the fewest resources.

Funding Priorities

Our funding priorities encompass:

  • Branch development and capital projects. Read more about our Bay Point Library project here.
  • Programming equity, as informed by the disparate levels of funding in branch library programming budgets. We believe that every community should have access to enriching, diverse, and robust programming opportunities for all ages.
  • Collection enhancement to add depth and diversity to our countywide resources, not limited to physical materials, but encompassing digital resources and lendable devices.

Help us realize our mission by donating to our foundation